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OnDemand by SimpliRoute

Improve your delivery times, reduce abandoned carts, and increase your purchase rates with ultra-fast same-day delivery.

OnDemand Platform

Get a glimpse into the future of delivery with OnDemand

Do you need your deliveries to be hyper-fast? OnDemand is what you've been looking for. Try it in its Early Access version and start automating your logistics.


Increase your business's speed of delivery

  • We connect your fleet with your backorders quickly and easily to keep your customers happy.
  • Reduce idle time and increase the efficiency of your fleet.

Simplify your operations

  • Integrate your systems with OnDemand and allow the reception and assignment of visits to your vehicles to take place automatically and without delays.
  • Our algorithm will search for the most suitable vehicle with the best service time to assign that visit and offer a 5 star experience to all your customers.

Your customers love to be informed

  • Notify your customers about the status of their visit or delivery in real time, via email, SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Allow your customers to monitor their order with their own Live Tracking link.

Manage everything with our Mobile App

  • Update the status of your deliveries in real time.
  • Register proof of visits with a photo and signature, available directly through our exclusive Android mobile app.
  • Add reasons for failed visits and get valuable information to improve your daily operations.

Your users are at the heart of what you do

  • Support your company's digital transformation and migrate to a customer-centric operations model.
  • Get key information and make decisions based on the actual behaviour of your logistics.
  • Analyse the behaviour of your drivers and the satisfaction levels of your users or customers with your service.

A control tower for the daily logistics of your company

  • Monitor the status of all your pending deliveries and have an overview of the location of your deliveries in real time.
  • Answer queries about your visits quickly and efficiently, always with updated information.