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Intelligence for efficient deliveries and the quality your customers expect

The logistics you dreamed of is just a click away. Optimizing your operation, ensuring quality standards in the transportation of your food and making your customers happy is possible with SimpliRoute.

assign routes

We optimize your routes

Thanks to our powerful algorithms, you will be able to obtain the most optimal routes for your drivers to arrive on time and on schedule, saving fuel and travel time.

product and vehicle

We link your products and vehicles

We know that in the food industry there are different types of vehicles for transporting products. With SimpliRoute you will be able to establish a relationship between products and vehicles, making the process of setting up your routes easier.

Live tracking

Monitor your fleet and drivers

You will have 24/7 control of what is happening with your vehicles and drivers in real time.

Notify your customer

Improve communication with your customers

You will be able to notify your customers via SMS, WhatsApp or email so that they are informed about the status of their shipments.

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