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The best route planner for your deliveries and visits.

Save hundreds of hours with SimpliRoute's optimization route planner. Organize, design and plan your delivery and dispatch routes efficiently. Assign drivers, add schedules and choose the right vehicles.

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More than 1000 companies rely on SimpliRoute for optimize their visits and deliveries.

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Plan efficient routes and get home earlier

If you have more than 20 stops a day, finding the best route can be a problem and delay your journey. But it doesn't have to be that way:

Hundreds of addresses, many poorly written and time-consuming to organise. Forget about that, load SimpliRoute and you will see the magic of optimize routes.

Track and manage everything from one place

Track drivers, generate delivery receipts, notifications, estimated time of arrival for customers: SimpliRoute is the most complete kit for your logistics.

Get proof of delivery for peace of mind: photo, signatures, QR code, personalised forms. Recipient names, signatures and photographic evidence are synchronised and saved for each stop.

A 5-star delivery experience for your customers

Happy customers are achieved with perfect deliveries. Give them transparency and certainty about the arrival time of their order. Notify him via SMS, Email or Whatsapp about his delivery.

Reduce claims and returns by controlling the whole process of your drivers' visit and tracking your customer's order, you will manage expectations of the reception of the product.

We are revolutionizing last mile logistics


Successful deliveries


Logistics costs




Planning routes or visits was tedious, time-consuming and we spent too much money.

  • Ineffective tools: Google Maps, spreadsheets, Excel, Waze, etc.
  • Long delivery times, we never know when the driver will arrive at the destination.
  • A sudden increase in orders means long hours and a lot of stress to manage all deliveries.
  • We don't know how many vehicles we need for the day's dispatches. We could possibly save a lot of resources.

With SimpliRoute

Optimize and plan your delivery routes in minutes - with artificial intelligence!

  • Route optimization that takes into account variables such as time, efficiency and more.
  • Five-star deliveries to leave your customers happy. Report it all at the time of delivery.
  • You will assign optimized routes to your drivers with a couple of clicks.
  • You will get the most out of your vehicles, assign special capacities, time windows and see how they perform.

Everything you need to make efficient deliveries

Route, monitor and organize your deliveries, deliveries and visits. No more complex maps, street knowledge and learning curves; in a few minutes you have multiple optimized routes, driver tracking and notifications for your customers, with minimum effort.