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Optimize your routes

Design and plan the most efficient route to assign to your drivers. Incorporate times when your customers are available to receive orders and territorial restrictions into your routing load limits per vehicle.

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Intelligent route design

Add or delete visits by route, change the order of the sequence of visits and reorder as needs arise.

  • Massive simultaneous editing of routes

Create efficient delivery/visit plans

Plan delivery times per visit, time windows, zoned routing and division of deliveries depending on your transport capacities.

  • Automatic route assignment to drivers

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Your routes at an advanced level of optimization

Generates routes with multiple stops and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), creates recurring and long-distance routes automatically.

  • Fleet recommendation according to number of orders or visits

Make the most of your vehicle fleet

Use your fleet to the maximum, register the minimum and maximum load amount, if they have limits of stops or visits.

  • Includes the drivers working hours
  • Activation costs for each transport
  • Incorporates specialization capabilities or know-how for each vehicle/driver

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