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Register your successful deliveries

Back up your deliveries and visits by digitizing your review documents. Manage your completed deliveries by keeping track of each order.

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Analyze your visits

Obtain the performance of each delivery day, verifying that the visit plan is being fulfilled to perfection.

Capture customer's photo and signature

Obtain the recipient's electronic signature and a photo from the mobile app to use as proof.

  • Scan barcodes, QR, or company labels.

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Capture and reading of NFC codes

You will be able to read the information on an NFC card using our application, thus reducing your work time in the field.

  • Visual identification of visitor characteristics

Set up custom forms

Create the necessary fields for each visit, collecting indispensable information for your operation.

  • Design the form: Add your company logo, colors and branding.
  • Configure the fields: dropdown lists, checklists, manual check-in.

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