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Monitor your activities in real-time

Check the location of your fleet of vehicles and drivers in real time, and how the fulfillment of deliveries and visits is going.

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Want to know more about how to monitor your visits in real time?

Follow the route of your vehicles and control their stops.

Monitor point by point how your vehicles are moving, how far they are from the destination, and if they respect the order of the visits.

  • Global control of the driver's time and stop location

View your deliveries or missed visits on the map

Whenever an order is rejected or you are unable to make a visit, you will be notified via alerts, which you can see in our interface.

  • Drivers can actively report incidents via the mobile app

Communicate with your drivers in case of contingencies

You will be able to start a conversation with your drivers through our chat and save the conversation history on our platform.

  • Act in a timely manner in the case that a planned route changes

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