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Multivende integration

With Multivende + SimpliRoute you can synchronize your sales and integrate your marketplaces, online store, and logistics operator in one place!

Did you know...?

This integration allows the synchronization between the SimpliRoute platform and the sales that you make from Mercado Libre and that are managed by Multivende. The products, their stock, and shipping status will also be synchronized.

How do I activate this integration?

To start automating your tasks from SimpliRoute is very easy, we invite you to follow the steps.

Meet the benefits of SimpliRoute + Multivende

Thanks to this integration, the orders you have in Mercado Libre and need to be shipped, will be synchronized with SimpliRoute so you can access your visits from our platform and plan the optimal route for your deliveries in a much easier way.
In addition, from Multivende you will be able to be informed about the updates of the visits managed in SimpliRoute.

Do you want this integration?

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