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Smart logistics: Faster deliveries, lower costs and happier customers

At SimpliRoute we solve logistical challenges so you can focus on what really matters.

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We are revolutionizing last mile logistics


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Powering deliveries to grow your business

Our mission is to make smart logistics easier, so you can offer the best experience to your customers.

assign routes

Plan and optimize your routes efficiently

Create the most efficient routes to assign to your drivers. Include load limits, available schedules, and territorial restrictions.

  • Add or delete visits by route
  • Change the order of the sequence of visits
Live tracking

Live monitoring of your fleet and drivers

Track in real time the location of your vehicles and drivers: their route, stops and whether they are on time with their deliveries.

  • View your deliveries or missed visits on the map
  • Communicate with your drivers in case of contingencies
Notify your customer

Notify your customer to reassure them and inform them of their status order

Communicate effectively with your costumer to keep them informed and happy throughout the delivery process. You can do this via WhatsApp, SMS or email!

  • Notify your customers in real-time throughout the dispatch process
  • Our own technology and simple processes, made the logistics we needed to meet our commercial goals come true


Planning routes and visits was tedious, time-consuming, and we spent way too much money.

  • Ineffective tools: Google Maps, spreadsheets, Excel, Waze, etc.
  • Long delivery times, we never know when the driver will arrive at the destination.
  • A sudden increase in orders means long hours and a lot of stress in managing all deliveries.
  • We don't know how many vehicles we need for the day's dispatches. We could possibly save a lot of resources.

With SimpliRoute

Optimize and plan your delivery routes in minutes - with artificial intelligence!

  • Route optimization that takes into account variables such as time, efficiency and more.
  • Five-star deliveries to make your customers happy. Report it all at the time of delivery.
  • You will assign optimized routes to your drivers with a couple of clicks.
  • You will get the most out of your vehicles, assign special capacities and time windows and see how they perform.

Monthly billing

2 months free!

Yearly billing

2 months free!

All the power of SimpliRoute at the most convenient price.
Two months free!


For small companies
with 1 to 5 vehicles

Starting from

U$600 /per vehicle

  • Route optimization

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Customer e-mail notifications with Live Tracking

  • Monthly reporting

  • Mobile app with real-time logging and proof of delivery

  • Zapier and Shopify integration

  • 24-hour chat support Monday through Friday (human-operated!)

  • Tutorial library and access to Help Center

The most popular plan!


For companies with fleets
of 6 or more vehicles

Starting from

U$3.600 /year

  • All Lite features

  • Customer Success agent assigned to your account

  • WhatsApp and SMS notifications*

  • Fleet management

  • Creation of customized zones

  • SAPB1 integration

  • API integration

*Additional cost based on the number of monthly notifications sent


For companies
with fleets from 150 vehicles


  • All Pro features

  • Highly complexity optimization algorithm for large fleets

  • Customized reporting

  • Customized support and integration

Details available of each plan


For operations that need to go to the next level

  • Optimized route planning by pre-defined zones and with taking into account fleet division
  • Communication modules for the end customer (SMS, WhatsApp, e-mail) + chat between deliverers and administrators
  • Live tracking for end customers


For large fleets with +40 vehicles

  • Guided implementation for each company area (Logistics, Supply Chain, Sales, Operations)
  • Support in the development of necessary business integration
  • Customized support team

Everything you need to make efficient deliveries

Route, monitor, and organize your deliveries and visits. No more complex maps, street knowledge and learning curves; in a few minutes you have several optimized routes, driver tracking available, and notifications for your customers, all with minimum effort.