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Route planner

A sample of SimpliRoute absolutely free. Upload up to 20 visits and we deliver you the best order to perform them in just seconds 🚀.

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assign routes

Advanced route optimization

Take your last mile to the next level by designing more efficient routes. Add vehicle load limits, time windows and other variables you need.

  • Modify your planning depending on your day-to-day needs and leave the complexities to our powerful optimization algorithms.
  • Get the most out of your fleet by configuring our optimizers to generate zoned routes or use the least amount of vehicles.
Notify your customer

Your customers always informed 🤝

You and your customers will be able to monitor in real time the status of your order with our Live Tracking functionality.

  • Send them a link so they can track the location of their orders in real time.
  • Notify them via SMS, email or WhatsApp.
Decisiones basadas en datos

Keep control of your last mile

Receive the information you need about your operation to make the best decisions.

  • Monitor your fleet in real time and keep track of both successful and unsuccessful deliveries.
  • Get customized reporting on the performance of your deliveries.