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AI technology to help you optimize your routes

Simplify your operation and maximize your delivery results with the best performing last mile software according to our customers.

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assign routes

Optimize delivery routes

Design and plan the most efficient route to assign to your drivers. Incorporate load limits per vehicle, schedules and territorial restrictions.

  • Intelligent route design
  • Create efficient delivery plans
  • Generates routes with multiple stops and ETA's
Live tracking

Monitor your visitors in real time

Check the location and stops of your vehicles and drivers in real time to verify that they're on time with their deliveries.

  • Follow the routes and stops of your vehicles
  • View your deliveries or missed visits on the map
  • Communicate with your drivers in case of contingencies
Notify your customer

Proof of delivery

Back up your deliveries and visits in one place by digitizing your review documents.
Keep control over your effective deliveries, having traceability of each order.

  • Optimize your visits with personalized product receipt forms
  • Capture customer's photo and signature
  • NFC code capture and reading
Tracking online

Online tracking for your customers

Your customers will be able to know the exact location of their orders, reducing uncertainty regarding its arrival time by, entering their delivery code or accessing a personalized link.

  • Transparent communication with your customer
  • Notifies you when your order has been scheduled
Decisiones basadas en datos

Make data-driven decisions

Obtain reporting and metrics on your operation, discover opportunities for improvement by monitoring history of visitation schedules and statuses.

  • Visualize the visits made and vehicles used
  • Calculates and monitors relevance ratios
  • Generate custom reports
Simpliroute Platform

AI and Machine Learning powered algorithms

  • High complexity routing, up to 5,000 visits in only 5 minutes.
  • Iteratively improve the solution until the best possible route is found.
  • Learning from what happens on the street to constantly improve your routes.

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