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Logistics and Distribution -Jan 3, 2022

Intralog achieved routing in 15 minutes using SimpliRoute

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We had a very large staff resource that took 4-5 hours to route. With the addition of SimpliRoute, we were able to reduce this to 15 minutes, with a total number of 2,000 to 3,000 orders per day.

César Jaimes

César Jaimes,Commercial Director of Intralog Argentina S.A.

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Intralog is an Argentinian logistics services company, dedicated especially to warehousing, order preparation, distribution and transport at national level. They have two warehouses of their own: one in Buenos Aires and the other in Córdoba Capital, and they have around 60 vehicles that work from Monday to Monday, 24 hours a day.

Understanding that when it comes to logistics, time and efficiency play a key role, when they saw that their team was collapsed with too many routing times, they decided they needed to have a logistics partner to help them solve that and other problems. That's how they came to SimpliRoute.

Read on to find out how they did!

Main challenges

The main challenge they had at Intralog was to optimize time and streamline their processes to meet the large volume of orders they had while respecting the established deadlines.

In addition, they could not have optimal communication with their customers or keep them constantly informed about the status of their orders, because they did not have the tools to provide such information.

For 2022, they have set themselves the goal of becoming a nationally recognised brand, to get more potential customers, and to continue working with the large volume of orders that they handle as a national logistics operator, hand in hand with SimpliRoute. ‍

Benefits of using SimpliRoute

Thanks to the use of SimpliRoute, they were able to meet their most important challenge, which was optimization of the time:

"We had a very large staff resource that took four to five hours to route. With the addition of SimpliRoute, we managed to reduce it to 15 minutes, with a total number of orders between 2,000 and 3,000 orders per day". César Jaimes, Commercial Director of Intralog Argentina S.A., explains.

In addition, by working with the tools offered by our platform, they were able to make valuable information available to their customers regarding their orders, something they had been waiting for.

"SimpliRoute supported us from the beginning, gave us tools, platforms, where our customers could access this information, have the online tracking that at that time was impossible for us".

Finally, by choosing us as their logistics partner they found constant support for their operation, which has undoubtedly been a great contribution to the service they offer.

"We really appreciate the customer service they have through the chat, because every time a problem arises, we have instant support so that we can solve the problem and continue working", says Sabrina Murdoch, member of Intralog's Commercial and Communication team.

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