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Logistics and Distribution -Jun 17, 2022

Xcargo achieved full control of its vehicle fleet thanks to SimpliRoute

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“We have improved operating costs, reduced delivery times and have achieved total control of our entire fleet.”

Iván Cantor

Iván Cantor, Xcargo Operations Coordinator

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Xcargo is a Colombian company dedicated to sustainable mobility within the last mile process, with the largest electric distribution fleet in the country, including trucks, vans, bicycles and motorcycles.

In addition to opting for electric vehicles, these produce zero emissions. With this, they seek to mitigate the enormous environmental impact generated by the logistics industry and move towards a development focused on sustainability and responsibility.

Main challenges

Their main challenge is to reduce CO2 emissions in Colombia and help their customers to improve their indicators in the most efficient and agile way possible, ensuring at all times the good condition of the products they transport.

To do so, they needed to optimize their logistics process, improve communication with their customers and have greater control and traceability of their fleet and each of their deliveries.

Read on to learn how SimpliRoute helped them!

Benefits of using SimpliRoute

Thanks to the use of our platform, they were able to leave their notebooks and excel spreadsheets aside and began to streamline their operations, positively impacting their customers' experience by offering them greater traceability in their deliveries.

In addition, they managed to improve other key indicators within their company, all of which are very important when it comes to meeting their objectives.

"We have improved operation costs, reduced delivery times and have also achieved total control of our entire fleet". Iván Cantor, Xcargo's Operations Coordinator.

Today they plan to continue expanding locally and regionally and they are very confident about that. Diana Arenas, Xcargo's Operations Manager, assures us:

"Our goal is to continue growing in Colombia and Latin America in a sustainable way and with SimpliRoute we guarantee efficiency and traceability to our customers."

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